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Getting Ready for Sunday Gaming

Getting ready for this afternoon's gaming session with the Sunday players.

This afternoon, Tammy and spross will be creating their player characters for the DragonQuest fantasy RPG of yore that I'm looking forward to running again.

I'll be running the game in the world of Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea (sort of) mixed with the world of Alusia (such as it is) that was meant to go along with the DragonQuest game system that never really got developed, so this should be an interesting campaign. :)

While I'm looking forward to character creation for the game again, I'm somewhat dreading how the afternoon will shape up. spross and Tammy don't work together at creating characters with something in common when they go through the character generation process for roleplaying games. Add to that spross's indecisiveness about what type of character to play in games and his never seeming happy with the characters that he's got, and Tammy's single-minded devotion to characters who fit the most obvious aspects of the game world, and... Well, let's just say that I don't know what type of characters to expect from these two. *sigh*

Oh, dear...
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