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Eye Exam This Morning

Another day, another dollar. Well, not.
I have taken the day off work today, as I have to go for my yearly eye exam at 10:15 am this morning. My vision for the rest of the day will be blurry and headache-filled, and I'll be spending a good amount of time in a near absence of light (possibly darkness).

To make matters worse, I had a terrible round of nerve spasms in my left foot last night that kept me up for a large chunk of the night, and am not a happy camper.

I'll likely be leaving for the Ottawa Eye Institute late, as it's snowing outside, getting a cab may be problematic, and I've got a terrible bout of bowel problems today that is keeping me running back and forth to the toilet.

Should be a fun day, not.
Tags: doctor, eye exam, foot problems, health hut, nerve spasms, ottawa, personal, sleepless, taxi, weather

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