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Summer Olympics Coverage

Didn't sleep very much last night. Too worked up about GenCon Indy, I guess... that and a panic attack or two along the way.

Been catching up with the news from the Olympics this morning. Canada is having a terrible time at the Olympics right now, with no medals, and a lot of struggling on their part, it seems. Interestingly, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that is the prime Olympic coverage network up here, is doing what it does best, and putting a positive spin on Canada's performance. They've found a cute, new word for losing: "gutsy". Like, our "gutsy" water polo team lost 16-6 to Spain, or "gutsy" boxer Adam Trupish lost 20-1 to a fighter from Kazakhstan. While we haven't won any medals, at least we're in a 172-way tie for 33rd place. Behind powerhouses like Romania, Belarus, Michael Phelps, and Thailand. *sigh*

That said, I think the worst commentary of the day came from the CBC's alternate network, Bold, when the two commentators on equestrian coverage were talking of a horse-and-rider team:

"The partnership between these two is amazing. This horse has a fantastic, cat-like ability to get over anything regardless of form and style."

At that moment, the horse tripped over a barricade, and threw his partner to the ground. Scintillating moment, that...NOT!
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