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Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday! Yay!

The end of what feels like it's been a long week.

My feet are hurting like heck after yesterday's footcare appointment, but I guess it's a good kind of hurt.

Work this morning has been somewhat slow, as several of my fellow employees are off sick. There's a round of flu that has hit the office hard this month so far. Hope I don't catch it, but if I do, that it's a mild case and the flu shot I had back in late October mitigates it somewhat. For now, just keeping busy at the office and doing what has to be done work-wise before the weekend.

I'm not sure if gaming is on for tonight, as one of my players has a daughter who's very sick at the moment, and he may not make it out for gaming. Have to talk to the other players later today, and see what's on tap for the night.

Right now, though, a cup of hot tea sounds good. With a couple of tea biscuits. Then back to the job at hand.

But I am looking forward to the weekend.
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