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Friday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 17

Last night, the Friday night gamers got together and continued to play in their Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the campaign in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Alexandra "Alex" Scott (Kathy) - Television Journalist
Carole LaFlamme (Angela) - Bookstore Owner
Constable Andrew Harkness (DavidM) - Police Officer
Jennifer Upton (Ellie) - Sophomore University Student
Doctor Jason Harris (Mark) - Doctor

March 27th, 2014 (Thursday)

In an act of futile heroism, Constable Andrew Harkness launches himself at the incubus, but it just bats him away like an insect [he takes a Serious Injury, and suffers -20 STA]. Before the creature that is Hiram Sharkam can act again, Alexandra Scott, Carole LaFlamme, and Dr. Jason Harris confront him. They see that Amy Schulman/Schuyler is standing just behind him. Before either side can react, Eddie Hanson overcomes his fear, and shoots at Hiram Sharkam with a 9mm pistol.

The incubus laughs at Eddie, and tells him that he cannot be harmed in its natural form by gunfire, and that they have other problems: their friend is going to suffer if they don't let him and Amy go. The creature returns to human form, and Hiram stands before them once again. Jason asks Hiram what he wants, and the incubus says that it merely wants to live its life in peace with Amy. Alexandra says that's not going to happen as long as it insists on feeding and killing. Hiram says it's not as if any of those whose lives he has taken are worth saving, but Alexandra says that he's missing the point, which she expected given that he/she/it's a creature of the Unknown. The creature responds by inflicting a slash across Alexandra's abdomen [Wound EWS, turn 2 Tokens Light, does a Minor Injury for -10 STA, after she succeeds at a Resistance Check with a High Success, after anticipating the action]. Amy Schuyler interrupts the proceedings, telling all that they're being childish about this.

Amy tells Hiram to release Jennifer from her disembodied state, as a sign of good faith to the SAVE operatives. He agrees to do so, and Jason heads for the floor lounge where Jennifer is to be found. As he arrives, she starts to come to but is somewhat pale and appears shaken [she has suffered a loss of -10 WPR]. Back in the apartment, Alexandra holds up the shiny, gold locket that she found beneath the pillows on the bed. Hiram is horrified that she has found it, and Carole tells both the incubus and Amy that she knows they've found his weakness. Stalemate, she thinks, smiling at the two of them.

In the lounge area, Jason tells Jennifer that he thinks she'll be all right, and asks her what happened. She tells him what she experienced, and adds that there seem to be a whole bunch of dead spirits that aren't happy with Hiram and Amy Schulman/Schuyler. Jason says he doesn't know what use that information might be, but Jennifer says that she's got some ideas. She just needs a few more minutes to regain her (physical) strength.

In the apartment, Hiram, Amy, and the player envoys (Alexandra, Carole, and Jason) continue to discuss matters. The incubus tells them that he doesn't see a way to resolve the matter, as SAVE envoys don't generally "treat my kind with kindness". Carole tells Hiram that he isn't acting like a typical incubus (from what she knows about them), saying that his "feelings" for Amy have changed his nature. "Not enough," Alexandra points out, "as he still does...what incubi do." Hiram and Amy point out that he does it for survival, and in order for her [Amy] to survive, and surely that counts for something? [The incubus uses its Influence EWD (turn 2 Tokens Light) on Alexandra, getting a Colossal Success (turn a Token Dark), and] Alexandra suggests that perhaps they can let the incubus and Amy go their own way, for the love they both share. The others round on Alexandra, saying she's crazy to suggest it, but the news journalist says that it's the only way, and SAVE never needs to know.

"But we'll know," says Jennifer, as she and Andrew re-enter the apartment. Hiram speaks to Jennifer [using his Influence EWS again, turn 2 Tokens Dark], trying to convince her that it *is* a good plan, and succeeds [she Botches the WPR roll, turn a Token Dark, since she's suffered a reduction in WPR due to events that have occurred]. She tells Alexandra that it really is a good idea, but that Hiram and Amy would have to leave Ottawa altogether. Carole attempts to protect herself with a Mental Shield using her Art [1 Token Dark for the attempt at the Art; Botches the roll, turn a Token Dark], and says that she agrees with Jennifer and Alexandra. Andrew can't believe what he's hearing, but Jason says that they can probably trust the creature because it's not the incubus that it once was - it's in love. Amy looks at the three female envoys, and realises what is happening. She asks Alexandra for the locket, and the player envoy gives it to her (willingly). Hiram tells the player characters that he and Amy will honour their agreement, and will depart the city of Ottawa for more "fertile" ground.

Later that evening, the player characters are sitting in their favourite coffee shoppe discussing what has happened. Hiram and Amy departed Ottawa in the late afternoon, as promised, for parts unknown (Hiram saying it was better they did not know where). Andrew isn't sure how the three women convinced him to let this happen, given all the knots unsolved in the various murder cases, and the police will still want to question Hiram, and then there's Amy's disappearance... Jason comments that it will be tougher to explain what's happened to SAVE, but Carole says they should leave that up to her (she hopes). It's a horrible breach of SAVE duty conduct and protocols, admits Alexandra, "but what can you do when it's not really a creature of the Unknown any longer? Just another one of us looking for love... and having found it." And then Halle Whadjat comes in, looking to see how her SAVE cell team is doing, and what happened to the incubus or succubus?...

Friday night's game session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign was a lot of fun, and the finale totally surprised the player envoys (not to mention the players!) in terms of the outcome. The creature of the Unknown that they faced used its abilities to maximum effect in the final sequence, and that, coupled with the players having a few bad rolls, changed the angle of the final choices made by the players in a fashion that they thoroughly enjoyed. When the game session was finished, we sat around and chatted for a few more minutes about what had happened, and I explained about the creature involved and some of its abilities and Evil Way Disciplines. Kathy and DavidM both expressed the thought of whether or not their decision in the adventure would come back to bite them on the rear end (or the neck?) at some point in the future. Everyone at the table agreed that it was a fun session with some neat twists, and look forward to getting back to Chill 3rd Edition at some point sooner rather than later.

Overall, it was a lovely Friday night session of gaming, with a satisfying end to a second Chill 3rd Edition RPG case. I'm looking forward to getting back to this game in the future, to be sure.
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