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Snowy Wednesday Morning, and Other Stuff

It's Tuesday morning, and the day feels exactly like it did this time last week.

The blizzard that struck last night continues as I write this, though the snow is supposed to taper off and end by late morning. A lot of snow came down (though I don't have the numbers on it), so I've decided to work from home today. My boss wasn't all that annoyed at me for this, as he realises I've got other stuff going on that's making coming in to the office difficult at the moment, and as long as I actually get the work done, he's not complaining.

I've been dreading this day for other reasons. I have my appointment with the endo at the Diabetes Clinic at the Riverside Hospital today, and am not looking forward to this. I don't expect my most recent test results to be all that good, but I guess I'll see what I'll find out when I have the appointment.

Not sure whether I'll be gaming with the Wednesday night group tonight or not. Something else that is up in the air for the moment.
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