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Diabetes Clinic Appointment

Home from the appointment with the endocrinologist this afternoon at the Diabetes Centre at the Riverside Hospital.

The appointment went as I expected, with a couple of side turns and twists. First off, my a1C has actually gone down somewhat, which is a good thing. There are no problems with my kidney functions, and a couple of other things are looking all right. Secondly, the doctor has taken me off Forxiga and has switched me to a new medication (approved in Canada only four months ago) called Jardiance. It does the same thing as Forxiga, supposedly, but "does it better"; however, it also has the same side effects, and may have others that aren't known as yet, since it's such a new drug. In addition, the doctor kept me on insulin (Lantus), and suggested I increase the dose a bit and see if that helps more with the sugar levels.

In the other news, the doctor took a look at my feet and toes and decided to refer me to a vascular surgeon to check a few things out. I'll have to wait for that appointment to be made, and see what happens. But it doesn't sound good.

And that's it from me for the day.
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