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Wednesday Night Game Report - DragonQuest Session 2

On Wednesday night (March 2nd), the Wednesday night players continued play in their DragonQuest RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of play in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Renna Tilawan (Donna) - Gontish Sailor
Savar Breikal (DavidW) - Man-at-Arms
Kavra Devaris (Kendall) - Adventurous Cartographer
Arabela of Semulia (Crystal) - Travelling Adept

Japrian 28th, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

The player characters examine the bodies of the bandits, but find they have little of value. They are able to gather 25 Silver Pennies in coins and the short swords of the bandits as their reward. Savar Breikal suggests to the others that Sheritak Colman could offer them a decent price for the short swords, and the others are content to accept this, and split the proceeds. Savar gathers up the weapons and scabbards, and the player characters set off to return to the caravan.

Renna Tilawan leads the way back to the caravan, and the player characters stop along the way to fill their waterskins at a small stream that Renna judges is fit to drink. Renna bathes herself and her injuries in some of the water, and Kavra Devaris suggests that she have her injuries looked at by the caravan healer, Samal Prejjus. Arabela of Semulia brings their attention back to their surroundings, and Savar points out they are being watched by several foxes. The player characters ignore the animals, and head out once more.

They arrive back at the caravan, and are questioned by the guards. Giving the right answers, they are allowed into the wagons' area. The caravan master, Sheritak Colman, asks how their search went, and Renna tells him they found a good campground, but that they had to "dispose of a small problem". He tells them to clean themselves up, and then the caravan will follow them back to the area where they can camp for the night. Sunset should come in less than two hours. Savar talks to Sheritak about the short swords, and accepts a deal of 13 Silver Pennies per sword/sheath combination [for a total of 39 SP for the three].

Once the player characters are cleaned up somewhat, Renna leads the way back to the scrub filled area, and Master Colman is pleased at the area, and orders the camp to be set up. Renna pays a visit to Samal Prejjus, the healer, and he takes care of her wounds, cleaning and binding them up, and says that they are not infected. He says she should try and rest for the next couple of days, but Renna says that's not likely, given the caravan master's nature. The evening passes uneventfully, and the player characters relax and enjoy the quiet, though Savar, Kavra, and Arabela each take a watch shift overnight.

Come morning, the caravan makes its way to the northwest, led by Master Colman, and heads for the small community of Slippery Rock, which Renna and the caravan master estimate to be two to three-and-a-half days distance. The day goes by rather uneventfully, and while the player characters remain alert, they do engage in a few other activities. Savar and one of the other caravan guards, Jerek Thramm, get friendly and talk about various matters. Savar learns the current state of matters in Carzala, as Jerek has heard some stories of late. He tells Savar that they need to keep an eye out for goblins and possibly mountain trolls, as they have been spotted on the eastern edges of the Fastness of Girwyllan and have posed a threat to Carzala of late. Jerek opines that there's some darkness there, and it's going to threaten Carzala soon, unless the Baron does something about it. Renna Tilawan keeps company with the healer, Samal Prejjus, and learns a bit about what he does and how he makes his living. Renna, for her part, tells Samal about the Archipelago and some of its wonders that she's seen. Kavra Devaris travels on one of the wagons with the merchant, Haylan Arvis, and his wife, Chana. The two talk their trades, and the conversation turns to oneupmanship, with each trying to outdo the other. Chana winks at Kavra, throwing the cartographer slightly off her game, but then the two concentrate on other matters. Meanwhile, Arabela of Semulia spends the trip with the caravan's other Adept, Sorfinn Halegos, a mage of Earth Magics, who tells her something of the Barony of Carzala.

The musings of the various characters are interrupted as Kavra shouts that there are figures off to the left, a statement echoed by Savar and one of the other caravan guards. Master Colman sees that they are goblins, quite a few of them, through his spyglass. Since they can't outrun the creatures, he orders that the caravan is set up defensively. The caravaners and the player characters will make their stand here, though he does move them to a spot where some large boulders and stones stand around, offering a bit of defensive posturing.

The fight with the goblins is fast and furious, with various characters (including Renna, Savar, Kavra, and Arabela) helping out and fighting where they can. Savar and Arabela team up together to fight off a contingent of six goblins. Between sleep spells and bolts of eldritch energy on the part of Arabela and the trusty broadsword of Savar, the two take out the creatures, Arabela relying on her quarterstaff when the goblins got too close. Savar takes a couple of minor wounds [6 FT points damage] and the Adept takes a wound as well [for 5 FT points damage]. Kavra takes on a pair of goblins in one skirmish, amd her ability with the short sword serves her well, though she does take a couple of wounds [for 11 FT points of damage]. Renna throws herself back into the fray, and manages to kill three of the goblins herself, though it is close with the last one, as she suffers three wounds [for a total of 8 FT points and 4 EN points of damage].

The player characters having played their part, the goblins are routed, and Renna, Savar, Kavra, and Arabela and the rest of the caravan personnel turn their attention
to the status of the caravan and their wounded.

Wednesday night's game session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign went quite well. There was a bit of everything in this session for the players and their characters, and the roleplaying moments went rather well. The players told me they had a good time, that there were a couple of moments during the fight sequence where they thought they were in real trouble, and that they rather enjoyed the interaction with some of the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that they were travelling with.

Overall, a good session of DragonQuest gaming on Wednesday night, and I'm looking forward to the next session.
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