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Friday Night Game Report - DragonQuest Character Creation

On Friday night, the regular gaming group met up for gaming purposes as is their wont on Friday evenings, and we started in on the new (well, not really) game that we're going to be playing next week... DragonQuest. The really weird part about this is that the Friday gaming group has the only player that plays with me who has actually played the game before, Kathy. Ellie, her daughter (and my goddaughter), isn't old enough to remember the last time I ran DragonQuest, but she's been chomping a bit to get to play this "neat, legendary game" (her words, not mine). So I was quite looking forward to the game session, and bringing the newbies into the game while seeing what Kathy had in mind for a character.

Once the players showed up by around 7:00 pm, we sat around and chatted for a bit, catching up on the events of the week past, and then got down to business. I started off going through some of the basics of the game system, some of the mechanics that were the meat of the game, talked about the game world in general terms (I'm using ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea and the DragonQuest basic world of Alusia (that I've expanded on) for the game), and dealt a bit more with the way magic works and how Mages/Adepts are created for the game. I reassured the players that the math for the game system was relatively simple, and that it would be all done before they started to play their characters the next week, though I'm pleased to report that Ellie wasn't intimidated by the math at all. Mark wasn't intimidated at all, whipping out his Texas Instruments calculator, and saying he was all ready to go! :) Then the players threw a slew of questions at me about various aspects of the character sheet stuff, the game mechanics, and a few other details about the game world that they were curious about, and I answered those for them. Character generation in DragonQuest is relatively simple, aside from the wargaming and mathematical aspects of it, but I figured that we'd need the full evening session to get the characters done. The players were quite jazzed to do their characters up, and so that is what we did.

Suffice it to say, the evening was an interesting one, with the players having a good time with character creation, hashing out quite a few issues surrounding their characters and the relationships they wanted to start with. A good mix of characters, to be sure.

Kathy - The "veteran" of the gaming group when it comes to DragonQuest, Kathy knew exactly what she wanted to play. She created Lorina Foxxe, the sister of her original DQ character, Kira, and once more a thief-cum-adventurer.

Angela - The players decided that there would only be one Adept in the group, and Angela was the one to play her. After a bit of side discussion with me about the various Colleges of Magic, Angela settled on Harria "Brownskin" of Jeresindal, an Earth Mage from a small barony, who has a fondness for earth-based creatures, and is a bit of a pacifist. Should be interesting.

DavidM - DavidM didn't really have to think too much about what he wanted to play. He liked the idea of exploring ruins, but didn't want to play a human. He's settled on Tavis Brandywine, a Halfling (!!) merchant and something of a rafter with a love of caverns and treasure. He and Kathy decided their two characters may "conflict" somewhat on certain issues.

Ellie - My goddaughter was really looking forward to playing this game, and actually had a good idea of what she wanted to play. She created Jessa Taftin, a young woman who was fled her village when it was destroyed by orcs and hobgoblins, and wandered a bit before being found by Jayden Frall.

Mark - Mark decided right away that he wanted to play a combat oriented character. He created Jayden Frall, a hardy warrior from one of the northern baronies who is fond of battle axes, but who has a soft side to his adventuring heart.

I was pretty pleased overall with the player characters that the Friday night gamers came up with for the DragonQuest game, and there was some interesting discussion among the players about their relationships and how they were all going to fit together. While both Kathy and Angela had wanted to play the Adept, Kathy actually preferred to play the thief (which she's really fond of since the early days of playing DQ), and an agreement was reached on that. Ellie's character definitely has some potential to stir up some trouble, and then there's the matter of her revenge on the orcs and hobgoblins who destroyed her village. Angela's looking forward to playing the Earth Mage, and Mark's "battle axe mad" character should be fun to watch as well. The players didn't have any real problems with the math for the game, and both DavidM and Mark felt that it was an exaggeration to say that it was complex. In any event, I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of personalities the players bring to the table with these characters, to be sure.

All in all, it was a good night of character creation. And I'm looking forward to starting the Friday night DragonQuest campaign next week, weather and health willing.
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