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Saturday Stuff

It's Sunday morning.

The weather is supposed to start warming up today, as this week promises to be one iwth temperatures well above normal for this time of year. Should be an interesting, if not hopefully mundane week ahead.

Having some health issues today, bowels mostly, but that's because I didn't eat at regular times yesterday, and shouldn't have eaten some of the stuff that I did. Such is life. ::shrug::

Had a relatively quiet Saturday yesterday. I did have to get out and take care of some stuff at the pharmacy. Because I had not seen the diabetic nurse and endocrinologist for about six months, all of my prescriptions related to the diabetes therapy expire at some point this coming week. So I needed to go to the pharmacy and arrange for them to fax the doctors involved (the endo and my family doctor) to renew the various prescriptions and stuff. I also got a replacement for my Ascensia Breeze 2 glucose meter, as I'd been using the same one for three years.

I spent the rest of Saturday doing some work prepping for today's DragonQuest game session with the Sunday group, doing some work on an idea for a game scenario for the game, and watching some curling and then hockey in the evening. Relaxing day, for the most part.
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