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DragonQuest RPG Bestiary: Eblis

As mentioned elsewhere (Twitter, to be specific), I promised that today I would post up one of the beasties I've created for the DragonQuest RPG over the years.

Truthfully, it was tough deciding what beastie to post here on the blog, but I came to a decision. So for those who are interested, here's the Eblis.

Natural Habitat: Marsh
Frequency: Very Rare Number: 1-16 (8)
Description: The eblis (plural, eblisi) resembles an 8-foot tall greyish brown stork with a vicious looking beak.
Talents, Skills, and Magic: Eblisi are competent Mages, specialising in the College of Illusions, and will have up to Rank 10 in their talents, spells, and rituals. Eblisi have no other special skills or talents, and are not tool users.
Movement Rates: Flying: 300; Running: 300
PS: 13-17 MD: 18-21 AG: 26-30 MA: 15-17
EN: 11-15 FT: 18-21 WP: 12-15 PC: 16-20
PB:11-14 TMR: 6/6 NA: Feathers absorb 2 DP
Weapons: The eblisi may attack in Melee or Close Combat by pecking (Base Chance 50%, D10 Damage, Rank 1-4).
Comments: While eblisi are not as intelligent as man, they more than make up for it in animal cunning and use their illusions to great effect. Eblisi are fond of magical items, and an eblis has a 25% chance of having 1-4 magical items in its nest-like home. Eblisi homes are difficult to find, however, and those searching for eblisi home nests reduce their chances of doing so by -35%.

I hppe everyone enjoyed this look at a beastie that I created some years back for the DragonQuest game system. If folks really like this stuff, I might be convinced to post another couple of beasties to my blog. :)
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