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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - DragonQuest Session 1

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gamers came out for their (usually) weekly gaming session of gaming. This weekend, we've started off on the DragonQuest RPG game campaign. You can check out this post to read about the player characters that have been created for the game (though there's not a lot about them there). Since there's not a lot of stuff here about the player characters and the game session, I've not put this post behind a cut.


SteveR Character - Unnamed Soldier
Tammy Character - Unnamed Messenger and Air Mage

Japrian 26th, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

The players begin with an introduction to the world of the DragonQuest Roleplaying Game. The players learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, get a bit of a lesson on the DragonQuest Glossary and some terms used in the game, and partake in several samples of combat using the Tactical Display that teaches them the basic (combat) mechanics of the traditional, old school fantasy roleplaying game. And how deadly the combat system is.

This session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign marked the beginning of the new Sunday afternoon game. The two players played out several sequences of combat, more than I had actually planned, with their characters, and so that's what the session amounted to. They took on each other in one-on-one combat, a single opponent each, multiple opponents each, and then together took on various groups of opponents. Men-at-arms, goblins, brigands, and that sort of thing. I had planned to run the start of the opening scenario for about an hour to an hour and a half, but the sample combats went long (both because of the (re-)learning experience the players were having, and due to spross taking a long time to make up his mind about what to do for an action. I can tolerate that during sample combat, because it's a learning experience and a way for players to see what their characters are and aren't capable of in combat, but the "5 second" Rule will definitely apply when we start the game next weekend.

Anyway, I'm rather looking forward to running the DragonQuest Sunday game campaign next weekend, and will be adding a permanent Non-Player Character (NPC) to the mix as well.
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