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Monday Morning Aches and Fatigue

It's Monday morning, and the start of a new work week.

I woke up to some stomach problems this morning, but nothing that interfered with the morning routine. The weather today is somewhat colder than it's been the last week or so, rainy (with some freezing rain), gloomy, and my bones are aching.

The weekend's glut of DragonQuest gaming has left me a bit tired this morning, but that's also partially due to the change over to Daylight Savings Time. The good news is that there will be *two* game session blogs today this afternoon, one about Saturday's game session and the other about Sunday's game session. Should be entertaining for all the rpg blog readers I've got (how ever many there are!).

In the meantime, work beckons after this quick break. It's been a busy Monday morning here at the office so far, but time to get back to it.
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