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Friday Night Game Report - DragonQuest Session 2

Saturday night, the Friday night gaming group continued their campaign and played their first session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign. Here are the notes from that session. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Lorina Foxxe (Kathy) - Thief Adventurer
Harria of Jeresindal (Angela) - Pacifistic Earth Mage
Tavis Brandywine (DavidM) - Halfling Merchant and Rafter
Jessa Taftin (Ellie) - Mysterious Young Girl
Jayden Frall (Mark) - Warrior Adventurer

Japrian 23rd, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

The player characters find themselves somewhere along the northern edge of the western side of the Green Reaches, a massive tract of forest that is technically part of the Great Empire of Kesh, and that borders on the southern reaches of what used to be the old Estarren Alliance. Lorina Foxxe is travelling with the caravan of one Geddon Forstan, a merchant out of Kith Alunel who travels the southern caravan routes as far as the village of Kevli. She's fled Kith Alunel after having had an altercation with a rich merchant and his bodyguard. The caravan consists of the merchant, six guards, Lorina, and a halfling merchant named Tavis Brandywine. Her funds are running low, and the caravan master has gotten impatient with her. One of the caravan guards, Morven, tells Lorina that they are getting close to the village of Kevli, their next stop. She is pleased at the news, but is soon horrified as a
large group of goblins emerges from the forest and attacks the caravan.

Jayden Frall, a former man-at-arms and now a soldier-of-fortune, is travelling through the woods with his charge, Jessa Taftin, a mysterious girl whom he helped out of a nasty situation, when he hears the sounds of shouting and swordplay up ahead. Warning Jessa to be cautious, the two move forward, and witness a caravan under attack by a large group of goblins. He sees an attractive woman [Lorina] under attack from a pair of goblins, and proceeds to her defense. Sighing to herself, Jessa enters the fray as well, but somewhat more cautiously.

While gathering herbs near the edge of the forest, Harria of Jeresindal hears the sounds of combat coming from nearby, and approaches the area cautiously. She sees the fight going on between the caravan folk and the goblins, and never one to leave the underdog undefended, goes to the caravan folks' assistance. She ensnares a goblin in a fist of earth, but is soon forced to turn to her quarterstaff for defense.

When the fighting is finally over, the caravan is decimated, all the wagons but one burned to charcoal and ash, while the caravan master, Geddon Forstan, lies mortally wounded. Most of the caravan guards are dead or severely injured, but of the twenty-five goblins, all but eight are dead, those surviving having fled into the forest. All of the player characters have suffered wounds of various sorts [mostly no more than 6 to 10 Fatigue Points, but Tavis taking a 4 Endurance Points injury.] The seriously wounded Morven tells Lorina Foxxe that she and her brave friends must go to the village of Kevli and seek help for him and his injured comrades. Lorina and her new friends-cum-allies agree to do so, but she clashes with Jayden Frall, who insists that they must all go and leave the caravan, since the route to Kevli is dangerous, and the goblins may still lurk out there.

Harria tells the others that she and Jayden will remain with the caravan folk, to do what they can for them, as the others will be able to travel faster. Jayden replies that he will accompany Lorina (whom he is obviously attracted to, much to Jessa's annoyance) to the village for assistance, and that Tavis will stay behind with the Earth Mage and Jessa. In accord, the pair head out from the caravan for the village of Kevli, but not before Lorina steals the purses of three of the dead guards [netting herself some 65 Silver Pennies and a small ruby worth 100 Silver Pennies].

Lorina and Jayden talk and get to know one another somewhat better during the trip, Jayden keeping an eye out for trouble all the way. Back at the caravan, Harria tells Tavis and Jessa that she has taken a dislike to Lorina, as she hates those who take advantage of others; she saw her steal the pouches from the dead bodies. However, Tavis tells the Earth Mage that he believes the two will become fast friends. Harria scoffs at this, and the three go about trying to help the injured.

Jayden and Lorina reach the village of Kevli within about five hours of brisk travel, a pace that Lorina is not used to, and she feels somewhat exhausted by the time they reach the village [she takes 5 FT points due to the travel]. In Kevli, the villagers are dismayed to learn of the fate of Geddon Forstan's caravan, and tell the characters that the contingent of the Kelestan patrol had left the village the afternoon before, to continue their rounds of the villages along the edges of the Green Reaches. Tannish Halmar, the village headman, tells the characters that they can spare one or two horses, but that the characters will have to return to the caravan remains, and bring the injured back themselves in the wagon. The duo picks up the horses, with tack and feed, and immediately sets out to return to the remains of the caravan, although Lorina expresses the fear that they may find the goblins have returned to it during their absence.

Saturday evening's game session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign with the Friday night group went pretty well, and launched the start of the new campaign. The players all had a pretty decent time of it, and seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit. Kathy commented at the end of the session that it felt like coming home to an old friend, and that she'd missed the ease and relative simplicity of the game mechanics of DragonQuest. DavidM and Mark enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and both commented that they really like the combat system for the game, and had expected it to be much more "mechanical" than it was.

Overall, a good game session of the DragonQuest game, and a good start to the campaign. I'm looking forward to running the game again next week.
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