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Made the Highlight Reel (Well, at least for someone)

It's gratifying to note that some folks considered my scenario for the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg, "The Secret of Lake Qechacua" at GenCon to be one of their highlights. Here's the post from "BabbageCliologic" in the My Personal Highs (and Low) Lights of GenCon 08 thread over on RPGnet:


1. Talking with Shane Hensley of Pinnacle but not realizing it until later.
2. Handing out my business card to Shane, Luke Crane, and a bunch of other industry people.
3. Fantasy Craft Game (see lows below) on Saturday Night, four cool players despite the horrible situation!
4. Spending $215 in about an hour buying stuff from Studio 2/Pinnacle and Margaret Weiss Productions (including Rippers, RunePunk, SlipStream, Serenity Adventures, Battlestar Galactica RPG).
5. Meeting Katarina the Outlaw from A Touch of Evil Boardgame by Flying Frog.
6. Savage Worlds RunePunk game on Friday. Excellent!
7. Hollow Earth Expedition game on Saturday was very fun. GM John did a great job explaining the system to us newbies and keeping the adventure going.
8. Talking with Sean and Stacy from Reality Blurs in an informal "what they're working on" seminar.

Granted it was only listed as Number 7 on his list of highs, although there's no indication that the list is in any sort of order, but I'm thrilled to know this. To be honest, I was very nervous about running at GenCon to begin with (completely different venue altogether than CanGames, and so this makes me feel quite happy.
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