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The Polaris RPG Kickstarter is Live!

I've mentioned a new roleplaying game that's in development on my blog a couple of times, notably in this blog entry. The Polaris science fiction, underwater, post-apocalyptic rpg from the folks at Black Book Editions (en francais, of course).

Well, the Kickstarter has finally launched for the English version of the game. And you can find it here:

Polaris, 3rd Edition Corebooks 1 and 2

As far as I understand it, the premise for the Polaris 3rd Edition game is something along these lines: In the far future, the surface world became uninhabitable for Humanity after a cataclysm, who took refuge beneath the sea. While the reasons for the Cataclysm are unknown, it was only because of the Geneticians and their technological wonders that allowed Humanity to survive. However, the Geneticians have disappeared, leaving man alone to face the dangers of the Deeps.

After many wars, the geopolitical situation has relatively stabilized. Five great powers were born: the Hegemony, the Red League, the mysterious Polar Alliance, the Mediterranean Union, and finally the Cult of the Trident (who seem to wield a force called the Polaris Force or Flux). Several problems have arisen in this world, however. The various geopolitical forces are not fond of each other, and it seems that technology and the people have degenerated somewhat. The majority of humanity is sterile, which encourages each nation to jealously guard the few people able to bear children. However, the average citizen has other concerns, such as finding oxygen or fluid (remember The Abyss?), some space for themselves in the confined and crowded townships, drinking water, or how to live normally in the world, other than being a convict in a mine.differently that convict in any mine.

Naturally, the players are called upon to play extraordinary people. They can play It is possible to play agents of one of the underwater factions, mercenaries working to keep afloat, or freelancers trying to establish their own communities. One can play priests, smugglers, doctors, "polarised" priests of the Trident, even a bartender... One can also play those who have been genetically modified to breathe underwater. No matter which side they pick, the player characters will discover that nothing is completely black or white, and that humankind will need to unite against a common adversary if it wants to survive.

The Polaris RPG uses its own, d20-based rules system. Most tests and actions are resolved by rolling under your target number, but trying to get as close as possible to benefit from extra success margins. Polaris is a harsh and dark setting and this atmosphere is mirrored in the system through rather realistic and deadly rules that take into account the localization of wounds, naval combat, handling of gear and many more details. The many advanced and optional rules to be found in the Core Rulebook: 2 gives the GM the possibility to fully implement these aspects into his game, but for those GMs who are just starting out, they can just use the basic rules for quicker gameplay.

This game looks like it will be absolutely stunning, judging from the Beta 0.5 version that has been made available for a limited time over on DriveThruRPG. There is plenty to do in the game world of Polaris 3rd Edition, and lots of conflict will follow the player characters around (and there's also the occasional monster or three).

I'm really looking forward to this game, and hope that folks will check out the Kickstarter at And if you feel like it appeals to you, perhaps you, too, will pledge around this game and bring the English edition to life.

So, remember, Dive, Dive Deep! :)
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