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Wednesday Night Game Report - DragonQuest Session 3

Last night, the Wednesday night players continued play in their DragonQuest RPG campaign. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of play in this journal entry. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Renna Tilawan (Donna) - Gontish Sailor
Savar Breikal (DavidW) - Man-at-Arms
Kavra Devaris (Kendall) - Adventurous Cartographer
Arabela of Semulia (Crystal) - Travelling Adept

Japrian 29th, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

The fight with the goblins over, the player characters and the caravan personnel evaluate their injuries and the condition of the caravan. Kavra Devaris and Savar Breikal throw themselves into helping the caravan personnel right things, much to Master Colman's pleasure, while Arabela of Semulia checks on various caravan personnel and helps them to the caravan healer, Samal Prejjus. She sees that Renna Tilawan is already at the healer's, having her injuries from the fight tended to. Samal tells her and Kavra that most of the injuries were suffered by the guards, and a couple of other folks, but that they lost no one to the goblins.

Several hours later, the player characters and the other folks from the caravan gather around, as Sheritak Colman addresses the caravan folk. He tells them that the caravan suffered only minor damage, but that one of the wagons needs repairs before it can move on. They can move the wagon around two miles distant from where they are now, but will need to camp for the night and a couple of days to make repairs before being able to move on. The caravan personnel and the guards are willing, and so the caravan prepares to move out. Reaching their destination, the player characters aid in setting up the night's camp, and both Renna and Savar agree to do some guard duty that night.

The next morning (Japrian 30th) dawns bright and clear, though somewhat cold. The rest that the player characters got allows them to heal somewhat from their injuries overnight, though Renna is still a bit hurt after the encounter with the goblins. Over breakfast, Savar tells the others that Master Colman and his guard Captain, Torvek, wish to see them when they have the time. The hammering and cutting of wood can be heard throughout the caravan, even this early in the morning. Meeting with Master Colman they learn that both he and Torvek are concerned about another attack by the goblins, as to be honest, they were taken by surprise (almost) by an attack by such a large number of goblins. He asks the characters to consider a mission of tracking the goblins, and seeing where they came from, and if they can learn more about the numbers of the creatures. The player characters are willing, though Kavra is a bit hesitant, but she agrees to go as well. Master Colman asks them to leave as soon as they are able.

The player characters head out to follow the goblins to their origin point, Renna leading the way as she follows the tracks, though Arabela casts a Location Spell that seems to indicate the same route. After several hours of light travel to the west, the player characters stop in a region of scrub and light plains, at a small stream. Renna tells the others that they seem to be heading for the Fastness of Girwyllan, and that this is not a good idea because of some of the stories and rumours told of the place. While they rest, the player characters come under attack by a group of goblins.

Not taken by surprise because of Savar's soldierly skills, the player characters are able to fight back against the creatures. Savar and Kevra kill one of the creatures ach, after a light flurry of blows with the goblins, and then Savar takes on another of the creatures, killing it as well. Bbetween them, Renna and Arabela are able to knock out and capture the fourth goblin. When the foul, smelly creature recovers consciousness, they learn the four goblins were a small scouting party, and that there's a main force of over 100 goblins out on the Sweet Riding for hunting and sport. When they are finished with the goblin, Savar dispatches it with a cold detachment.

The player characters debate their next step while looting the goblins of anything of value [a total of 65 Silver Pennies, and two small rubies that they need to get evaluated], and Savar says that they need to return to the caravan to tell Master Colman what the goblins said, and let him judge their next course of action. Attempting to hide their tracks in the area of the small stream, the player characters make their way back to the caravan. Master Breikal is not pleased with the news, but the caravan can only move at the pace that it can. The player characters spend the rest of the day trying to recover from their wounds a bit more, and then helping the caravaners with regular, daily tasks and the work of repairing the wagon.

The next morning (Kedwath 1st), the post-breakfast period brings a state of alarm, as the guards on duty, Savar and the newly recovered (from his own wounds) Jerek Thramm, report that a body of horsemen is approaching from the northwest. Master Colman and the caravan people are relieved to learn they are a contingent of the Carzalan militia, dispatched from Regar's Keep, to patrol the Sweet Riding. After the soldiers depart, heading west towards the Fastness of Girwyllan, the caravan folks get back to work and the repairs on the damaged wagon. The player characters eagerly contribute to the efforts of the caravaners over the next couple of days.

On the morning of Kedwath 5th, the player characters wake up refreshed and eager to see the end of their trip to Carzala. Once the characters pack up after breakfast and the caravan sets out, it is the excited Kavra Devaris who spots the welcoming sight of smoke and heat rising from the fires and the small town of Slippery
Rock several hours later...

Wednesday night's game session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign was pretty enjoyable, with the players getting in some good roleplaying, making a few hard decisions, and fighting some more goblins. This session wrapped up the first adventure with the Wednesday night players, and saw them arrive at their civilised destination at the edge of Carzala, and the players commented that they were pretty pleased at the adventure, how it turned out, and the fact that the rules and mechanics didn't really get in the way of play all that much. Crystal commented that she really likes the DragonQuest magic system, and is fond of playing the Earth Mage, but everyone added that the best part of the game system is: the Combat System! The Tactical Display makes it easy to visualise combat so much better for them, and mechanics of combat are actually rather simple when one looks at it from the player point of view.

Overall, a terrific session of DragonQuest to wrap up the Wednesday night first adventure. Looking forward to starting a new adventure in a couple of weeks.
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