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Friday Night Game Report - DragonQuest Session 3

Last night, the Friday night gaming group came out to play, and continued on with the next session of their DragonQuest RPG campaign. Here are the game notes from that session. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Lorina Foxxe (Kathy) - Thief Adventurer
Harria of Jeresindal (Angela) - Pacifistic Earth Mage
Tavis Brandywine (DavidM) - Halfling Merchant and Rafter
Jessa Taftin (Ellie) - Mysterious Young Girl
Jayden Frall (Mark) - Warrior Adventurer

Japrian 23rd, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

Lorina Foxxe and Jayden Frall return to the caravan wreckage to find that their fears are confirmed. Despite the best efforts of Harria of Jeresindal, Jessa Taftin, and Tavis Brandywine, three of the guards have succumbed to their wounds and died, and Geddon Forstan's injuries have taken a turn for the worse. Harria tells Lorina and Jayden that he is soon to leave the earthly coil. Lorina and Jayden are pleased to see that Morven is among the survivors. The player characters, in consultation with the surviving caravan personnel, decide that they will have to remain here, as darkness is approaching. Jayden says that the stench of death about the place will likely prevent the goblins from returning that night, although he is worried about wild animals and the like.

Making the injured guards and the mortally wounded Geddon Forstan as comfortable as they can, the player characters settle in for the night. They check out the bodies of the dead goblins, and collect six suits of soft leather armour in the goblins' size. One of these fits Lorina, but she refuses to take it as it reeks of the foul creatures. There are also some 65 Silver Pennies, 120 Copper Farthings, a small bone necklace [worth 10 SP], and a pair of small crystals of a dark blue colour [these are cracked sapphires that are only worth 20 SP each]. While the player characters are not bound to one another, they agree to split this loot when they reach Kevli, and propose to give some to the surviving guards. The evening passes uneventfully, and the player characters take turns on watch along with Morven. He appears to have taken a shine to Lorina, but she is somewhat hesitant about having any feelings about him, her experiences in Kith Alunel making her shy away from him.

The morning comes too early for Lorina and Harria, but Tavis informs them they have a lot to do. While Tavis and Jayden gather up the dead for burial, the rest of the characters tends to the wounded once more (Harria discovers that the last of the guards, other than Morven, has passed away in the night), and clean out the intact wagon so as to prepare it for the wounded and for travel. Tavis is tempted to take some of the corpses' coinage, but refrains from doing so. In the wagon, the party discovers a chest of coinage that when opened holds 300 Silver Pennies, 120 Copper Farthings, and 10 Gold Shillings. Morven is quite possessive about the chest, as this is the personal belonging of Geddon Forstan, the merchant, and when Lorina wishes to "take her reward", he tells her that the first order of business is helping them to the village of Kevli.

Once the horses are hitched up to the wagons, and the surviving guard and Geddon Forstan are made comfortable in the wagon, the player characters set out for Kevli. Jayden and Tavis figure that the trip will take them some three to four hours to make. The player characters talk among themselves some more, and also learn that Geddon Forstan is beside himself with sickness and grief over the loss of the caravan. Tavis tells the others that the merchant is delirious, and likely has an infection. Still, he adds, the merchant is quite right...the loss of the caravan and most of the trade goods will cost him a lot, both financially and reputation-wise.

The trip is relatively uneventful for the first couple of hours, and the player characters are relieved by this fact, but the peace is shattered when Jayden spots several goblins lying in ambush for them.

With Morven unablel to aid the characters in the fight, the six goblins are more than a match for the player characters. Jayden and Tavis take several wounds [for a total of 10 FT points and 6 EN points between them], but the player characters manage to prevail, though Lorina suffers a serious wound [5 EN points] while helping/defending Jessa. The characters salvage three sets of tattered, soft leather armour, a pair of pouches that hold 60 Silver Pennies, and a small, gem (a 2 oz. catseye quartz worth 40 Silver Pennies) that Lorina pockets surreptitiously [though Tavis spots her doing so], as well as the weapons that the goblins have.

The player characters reach the village of Kevli with no other mishaps, and the villagers are overjoyed to see them again. Tannish Halmar, the village elder and headman, sends several people to take Geddon Forstan and Morven to the village healer, Carl Vannis. The healer also agrees to use his skills on the player characters to help them with their injuries, and asks for a payment of 30 Silver Pennies to cover their cost, feeling that he owes them too much already for their service.

Several days later, the various player characters and their caravan friends have recovered from their injuries, and are meeting with the recovering Geddon Forstan. The merchant gives the characters a reward of 30 SP and 1 GS each for their valiant efforts, but when Lorina is about to object and demand more payment, she is silenced by Tavis, who quietly tells her the characters have done rather well, and not to push it. [The player characters are able to sell the 9 sets of goblin-sized soft leather armour for 10 SP each (total 90 SP), get 6 SP for the bone necklace, and sell the two cracked sapphires for 20 SP each, for a total of 136 SP on the goods, in addition to the other loot they acquired.]

The player characters sit down at the Inn of the Boar in Kevli, and decide what they will do next...

Friday night's game session of DragonQuest was a pretty good one overall, and wrapped up the first adventure quite nicely. The players mentioned that the fights with the goblins were never an automatic guaranteed win, and that the "danger level" of dealing with the goblins was quite exciting in and of itself. (My players are strange sometimes! :)) The players are quite eager to continue on with the DragonQuest game campaign next week, and I'm rather looking forward to it as well.

Overall, a good night of fantasy roleplaying, and a fun time was had by all. Start of a new adventure next Friday night should be fun.
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