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Icy Friday Morning

It's Friday morning. The start of the Easter weekend.

Coming in to work today was not pleasant. In the aftermath of yesterday's snow, rain, and freezing rain, it was slick and icy outside when I came in to work, and not all that pleasant for my poor bones because of the cold dampness in the air. The weather's supposed to warm up to all of 5oC today, so I'm hoping a lot of the ice (well, all of it) has melted by the time I head home from work.

Work is somewhat busy this morning, as the project I'm working on right now is winding down, and it looks good to be finished up by the end of March. Already starting in on the next project, so we'll see how that goes next week (though I do have Monday off).

Not sure what's happening with gaming for tonight or Sunday yet. That will sort itself out later today and on Saturday, no doubt.
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