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This, That, and GenCon, Too

Back at work today. Feels odd, given that I've just had a couple of weeks off. The first week was to go to GenCon Indy, and the second week was to recover from the convention and the trip down and all. Little did I know that I would *need* that second week off, as I've still got the nasty little sinus bug and all.

I had wanted to take several days this week to work at home, but that's out of the question. There's too much paperwork here piled up from when I was gone, and a couple of projects are backed up, so it looks like I'll be coming in to work each day this week, unless things change.

Donna and some of my co-workers are still envious about my going to the gaming convention, but seeing that I have a cold, decided that it was a good thing they had not decided to go down. "Some vacation, huh?" Donna casually mentioned today. I just gave her a dirty look.

Insofar as the GenCon reports that I'm writing are concerned, I've decided not to post up the literal hand journal write-ups from the convention. There's too much typing involved, and there's too many things that don't need to be said out loud, so to speak. So, the two original blog entries that I wrote of Day -2 have been merged into one and can now be found as the GenCon Day -2 report, and the second report, covering GenCon Day -1, can be found by following the links as noted. Both reports are somewhat longer; whether they are better, you can be the judge. Hope to hear some comments on the reports as I post them, and the third day will follow some time later today or tomorrow.

For now, back to work with a cup of hot Chai tea in hand.
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