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A Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning. The half-way mark of the work week, except for the fact that I had Easter Monday off.

Had a bit of a rough night of it last night. I woke up from my dry mouth around 3:00 am, and had a bit of water and used some Biotene, and that seemed to do the trick. And then at 5:00 am, around half-an-hour before the alarm was supposed to go off, I woke up with nerve spasms in my left foot. Again. And they haven't stopped since. I just have to weather them out, with the help of some Aleve.

Sitting at the office working away on the new translation project that begins in a couple of days. Having to schedule meetings and handle resource management for the next two weeks.

It's going to be a very long day, methinks. Owww!
Tags: health hut, life, nerve spasms, office, personal, sleepless, work

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