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Down and Out

This has been one of the most horrible two weeks I've experienced in a long, long time. As noted in one of the earlier journal entries, I came back from GenCon Indy with a terrible (what I thought at the time was a) sinus infection. That bug has gone to my chest, and I've been pretty sick for the past two weeks. Fortunately, the first week was my "vacation" week to recover from GenCon; unfortunately, the second week, this week, I've been going in to work.

I still feel pretty bad and rough around the edges, I'm still coughing and hacking away, and my head is blocked, and feels like it's in a vice at times. And today is the last day of the Biaxin antibiotic that the doctor prescribed for me last week. I've got no energy, no vim and vigour, and I'm feeling ragged and completely out of everything.

There was so much reading and stuff I wanted to get done the last two weeks, but I've been unable to do it due to the sheer fuzziness of my brain and head. (Heck, I'm not even sure I'm making sense in this journal and all!) That's one of the reasons for the delay in the GenCon reports, among other things. Heck, I've been feeling so rotten that I haven't even opened up the boxes with the new Dell laptop, and the extras I picked up for it.

Add to the fact that I'm feeling down (probably the post-GenCon blues, I suspect), and well...I just feel pretty much down and out.

Time for some more Tylenol, and a cup of hot chai tea.
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