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New Desolation Review on RPGnet

For those who haven't seen it, cwricheson has posted up a review of the Desolation rpg at RPGnet:

Having read the review by Chris, I have to say that I was the less than stellar review. Mind you, his reviews are always balanced out for the most part, and while there was stuff that he didn't like about the game (and he admitted his personal biases in this regard), there was also quite a bit of stuff that he did like.

Having finally finished reading through the Magic chapter, I find that I like what nearside, Matt, and Jamie (these two boyos need to get themselves LJ accounts!) have done with the magic system and all, but to be honest, the book is missing an Equipment list for sure (other than weapons, armour, and shields, of course). With luck, that stuff will appear in the Survivors book (as it is currently called). :)

Anyone else have thoughts on the game that they would like to share?
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