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38 Hours Left for Polaris RPG Kickstarter

Just a quick note this early afternoon to all my roleplaying friends.

The Polaris RPG Kickstarter is in its final 38 hours. For those who've not looked at the Kickstarter yet, Polaris is a post-apocalyptic underseas science fiction game from the folks at Black Book Editions.

Polaris, 3rd Edition Corebooks 1 and 2

If you've been thinking about getting in on the Kickstarter or have been wondering what the game is about and what it's like, check out the Kickstarter for the game at this link.

With over 56K Euros pledged already, there are some amazing stretch goals (notably loose location maps), and this game promises to be absolutely stunning in the final printed format.

So, if you have a chance and are inclined to do so, check out the Kickstarter and if you like what you see, pledge at one of the levels that's comfortable to you.

So take the plunge, and Dive! Dive deep! :)

See you on Equinox! :)
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