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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - DragonQuest Session 4

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gamers came out for their weekly gaming session. They continued on with the relatively new campaign of the DragonQuest RPG game campaign. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to. In addition, this post contains photos of the Tactical Display (all courtesy of spross).


Tom Annadale (SteveR) - Soldier (Man-at-Arms)
Jaina of Tessar (Tammy) - Messenger/Air Mage
Tanar Ranvek (GM NPC) - Ranger/Hunter

Japrian 23rd, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

The player characters and the caravan personnel assess the caravan and any damage it may have sustained in the aftermath of the bandit attack. Tanar Ranvek and Tom Annadale check out the bodies of the bandits, and find that they are all dead, with the exception of the two that were put to sleep by Damira's spells and the bandit leader who is finally put out of his misery by a final stroke from Guard Master Viranna Kolber. Grumpy and in pain from her injuries, Jaina of Tessar kicks one of the sleeping attackers because of his snoring, which wakes him up. He lunges for his weapon, but has none, Jaina having shoved it away from the two sleepers. In consultation with caravan Master Koreth, it's decided to leave the bodies of the bandits in a pyre-like pile for predatory animals and to serve as a warning, and that after questioning the two that Damira put to sleep, they are to be killed as well.

The bodies of the two dead guards, Jumik and Falra, are put into Damira's wagon by Tanar and Jared Roravar, one of the wagoneers. Afterwards, Tanar bandages Rab's wounds, though they aren't serious, but Annadale keeps his own counsel, despite his nasty wounds, and merely does what he is told to do, without too many complaints.

After a couple of hours, Master Koreth tells everyone to mount up. He says that it is roughly two and a half days to Carzala, and the caravan sets off in a generally northern direction. Stopping for a hot noon-day meal [at which the characters restore 2 FT points each], Jaina and Annadale share a meal with Rab. The two player characters talk about their injuries, and Jaina realises that Annadale was more injured than he admits. Rab tells them that he was injured as well, but that he's a soldier, it's part of the job, and he'll deal with his pain.

Leaving Rab and Annadale on their own, Jaina walks back to the rear wagon, and talks with the wagoneer, Jared Roravar, who is something of a loner. He's a bit melancholy, and bemoans the death of Falra, whom he'd been seeing for some six months. He prays that Chipuur will speed her on her way to the Vaulted Lands, and Jaina talks to him a bit longer (promising herself to find out who Chipuur is). The two spot a flock of what appear to be buzzards heading their way.

Annadale talks to Rab at the fire in the post-meal period, and while he tries to befriend Rab, seems to lie to him and spin a web of inconsistencies as to how he got the job as a caravan guard for Master Koreth. Rab doesn't believe him, and tells him to get out of his sight. Rab goes and talks to Guard Master Kolber about the matter.

Jaina goes to the second wagon, where Sarah Hellings is the wagoneer. Rumours in Brastor Landing told of Sarah's father being a necromancer or black magician. Jaina's perceptions tell her that Sarah is a mage, and Sarah admits to Jaina that she is, but won't tell her what type of magic she specialises in. Jaina moves off, stretching her legs in walking, and Rab comes up to her. He asks what she knows of Tom Annadale, because all he's heard from the man is a pack of lies. Jaina says she only met him when they left with the caravan from the Brastor Holding, but that she's noticed that while he knows how to fight, he doesn't seem very good at knowing where to point his sword.

About mid-afternoon, Tanar comes up to Jaina, and says that Master Koreth want him to scout ahead for a campsite for the night. Koreth told him there's an area off to the northwest, with a small lake, that will be suitable. He asks her if she wants to go with him, and she says that stretching her legs some more will be good for her. Against Jaina's better judgement, they decide to take Annadale with them. Tanar goes to fetch Annadale, and the three of the characters set off to the northwest.

Approximately an hour and a half later, the three characters reach the area of the lake. It is somewhat hilly, but has trees and shrubs about. As the player characters cautiously move through the wood-filled region, both Tanar and Annadale spot what appear to be animals in the forested area, either two or three of them, and draw their weapons. Tanar says that the suggested spot for the camp is on the north side of the small lake (told to him by Master Koreth), and he says that perhaps they can avoid the animals.

Dingos near the lake. The blue dice represent the small lake and the green dice and yellow dice are trees and shrubs in the area.

The animals prove to be wild dogs [dingos], a small pack of five that attacks the characters. The fight with the dingos is short and relatively painless, with only Annadale [he suffers 6 EN damage, as he is out of FT points] and Jaina [she suffers 3 FT points] taking any damage from the sharp teeth of the dingoes. The player characters manage to kill three of the wild dogs, with the other two fleeing and yelping back into the hills. As the characters take stock of their situation, Jaina feels a bit faint and tired, but she attributes this to the fighting and the fatigue [she loses 2 more FT as she starts to fight off an infection from the animal bite].

The player characters realise there are even more dingos present.

Fighting the dingos.

Dingos in retreat.

Sunday's game session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign went pretty well, I thought, except for spross derailing the game for some time when he couldn't come up with the basic background of his character and how he joined Master Koreth's caravan, leading the NPC guard, Rab, to consider that he'd told him a pack of lies. This may or may not come back to haunt SteveR's character later, but we'll see. hehe Tammy did a good job with her character, handling things quite well despite the fact that the character's somewhat hoarse and can't cast spells because of her encounter with the nereid in a previous session. The game had a bit of everything in terms of some roleplaying, a couple of hard choices, and some trust issues - and the combat sequence at the end of the session.

Overall, a decent session of the Sunday DragonQuest campaign. I'm looking forward to next week's game session, methinks. :)
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