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Polaris RPG Kickstarter Ends, and Yahoo Group

The Polaris RPG Kickstarter finished up yesterday (April 6th) at 2:30 am or some such time, and was hugely successful, with a final draw of over 74K Euros. It was a really good Kickstarter, the focus of the Black Book Editions people being the two books, Corebook: 1 (character creation, game world, and rules) and Corebook: 2 (equipment, creatures, and optional rules), and none of the Stretch Goals for the Kickstarter got away from that central goal. The BBE folks were friendly, willing to answer every question that came up, and provided folks with a really good Kickstarter that I was proud and pleased to have pledged around. I pledged at the Complete Polaris level, and added a set of dice and a second copy of the Map of the Deep poster to my pledge, so it was a bit expensive (especially with the shipping to Canada).

I'm really hoping that the folks at Black Book Editions can get the basic Corebooks for Polaris out before GenCon, as I won't be attending this year (or any year in the foreseeable future). That'll depend on various factors, and whether there are any glitches or unforeseen problems with getting the material done and printed on time. One can but hope.

In the meantime, I'd like to invite anyone interested in the game to join the Polaris RPG Mailing List that I established over on Yahoo Groups. The URL is

It requires Moderator approval to join the mailing list, but after that, discussion is free and easy. :)

So hope to see some folks in the Tranquility Lounge on Equinox, Level 5! :)

And when you join and are approved for membership, don't forget to read the very first post, please. :)
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