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Thursday Morning This and That

It's Thursday morning.

Haven't posted for a couple of days, as I've not really had a lot to say.

I've been feeling somewhat ill since my most recent bout of gastric acid reflux, and combined with the change in the weather, I may well have caught a bad cold or perhaps a case of bronchitis. Either way, I've been feeling under the weather and yesterday my state of mind was also affected by a case of depression and fatigue. So there wasn't a lot of blogging or much else after about 3:00 pm. I'm feeling somewhat better emotionally and my mood has lifted somewhat, so we'll see how things go for the rest of today.

In the meantime, no rest for the weary. Work has been busy for most of the week, with the new project starting and the old one wrapping up, so time hasn't been kind to me in regards to having much of it free this week.

Oh, and the Polaris RPG Kickstarter wrapped up yesterday on a successful note, but I'll talk a bit about that in a separate entry.
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