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Friday Stuff

Friday morning.

The last day of the work week. Thank goodness.

I'm still feeling rather grey and under the weather because of whatever bug I've picked up. I still think it's something to do with the bout of acid reflux that I had, though I may now have a case of flu or perhaps bronchitis. Whatever the case may be, I feel tired, ache from head to toe, have chest pain, and a terrible cough at times.

I'm at work today, though I am trying to take it somewhat easy. Glad that the weekend is almost here, as I plan to rest and heal over the weekend (if possible). Still, it's a good thing I've got a doctor's appointment this coming week.

I'm supposed to run the DragonQuest game session this evening with the Friday night group, but we'll see how that goes and whether I decide to run the game tonight. And whether they want to take a chance with me being ill or not.
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