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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - DragonQuest Session 5

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gamers came out for their weekly gaming session. They continued on with their DragonQuest RPG game campaign. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Tom Annadale (SteveR) - Soldier (Man-at-Arms) (Dead)
Jaina of Tessar (Tammy) - Messenger/Air Mage
Tanar Ranvek (GM NPC) - Ranger/Hunter

Japrian 23rd, 2556 GA (Galenian Age)

Tanar Ranvek goes over to Jaina of Tessar and checks her injuries. He sees the bite mark on her leg is infected, but says that he hopes her own body can fight it off. Tanar heads off to do a bit of scouting, while Jaina bandages her wounds, and then goes looking for tracks of wagons that will hopefully lead them to the campground used by merchants in the area. She finds some well-worn tracks and follows them, heading to the west. She comes upon a large lizard [an iguana] ambling through the brush, making its way to the mere. She wonders what the heck the creature is, but backs off, avoiding it, and heads back to check on the others. She comes upon Tanar, and when she points out the large, lizard-like creature as it continues on its way, he tells her what it is. They're somewhat common near meres, ponds, lakes, and rivers in this part of Alusia. The iguana makes its way to the mere nearby, and goes to drink.

Meanwhile, the sorely wounded Tom Annadale [he's down to 0 FT and 11 EN points], who has not bound his wounds or cleaned himself up, walks up to the edge of the bushes and plants surrounding the mere. He can make out nothing unusual, but hears a loud splash from somewhere nearby [this is the mother iguana]. Seemingly oblivious, he heads for where he sees Jaina, but stops for a moment when he sees the large lizard at the mere's edge, wondering what it is. He steps momentarily closer, and the animal picks up his scent [of dingo blood and his own wounds' blood], and turns in his direction. Meanwhile, Jaina is telling Tanar of the wagon tracks she found. Tanar moves off, following the tracks to see where the caravan campground is that Master Koreth mentioned.

As Annadale comes up to Jaina, she is horrified to see all the blood on him. When she asks if all the blood is from the dingos, he tells her wryly that some of it is his own. He tells her that he'll go and bathe after the lizard has left the area. By this time, however, it's too late as Jaina points out the iguana is approaching him. Rather than retreating, Annadale draws his sword and attacks the animal. He is barely able to wound the beast, but its cries bring its much larger mother out of the mere, and she charges to her offspring's rescue.

The fight with the two iguanas goes badly - for Annadale, despite Jaina's attempting to help him out, armed only with her dagger. The newly returned Taran attempts to use his bow on the iguana, but its hide proves too tough, and he can't reach them in time to bring his sword into play. Annadale suffers a bite attack from the mother iguana [which does 6 points of damage], a tongue lash attack from the mother [which inflicts 3 more damage], and finally the angered young iguana inflicts a nasty bite [for 8 points of damage], that rips huge chunks of flesh from Annadale's abdomen. As Jaina backs frantically away from the scene, dashing towards Taran, she hears the crunching and slurping sounds of the two iguanas feeding on Annadale's body, and catches only a slight glimpse of the horrific feeding. The two characters head for where Taran found the caravan campground area.

Some two hours before sunset, the four caravan wagons of Master Koreth come into sight, their rumbling heralding their appearance. It is a somber Jaina and Taran who greet the caravaneers, and Rab and the others learn of Annadale's senseless death. While they mourn his death, there is not a lot of remorse at his loss, since the caravan folk say that he wasn't overly friendly and they didn't know him all that well. It's decided that Rab and Tanar will go back to the scene of his death, and fetch his remains and any goods that might be left at the scene. The two characters find no signs of his remains, and make the decision to leave what they find of his belongings on the scene. It is a quiet campsite that night, though Master Koreth orders his people to set a wary watch for the night.

The next morning, Japrian 24th, dawns bright and cold, but augurs well for a pleasant spring day. Jaina wakes, having gotten little sleep due to her nightmares about the iguanas munching on Annadale, to find that preparation for the caravan's departure is well under way. After eating and cleaning herself up, she joins the wagoneer, Jared Rorovar, in going to look at the wagons and evaluate their condition. The lead wagon and Jared's wagon are both fine, but the other two are somewhat problematic. Damira's wagon is suffering from wear and tear on the joists and the central axle. The fourth wagon, Sarah Hellings's, has scarring on two of the wheels. Jaina tells Jared and Sarah what she's found, and Jared is horrified - this could be wood worms, and that causes worm rot, but is also associated with bone rot, though he tells the alarmed Jaina that there's no real proof of that being the cause in humans. Jaina, Sarah, Jared, and Taran discuss matters, and Jared says they must redistribute the cargo to lighten the load on Sarah's wagon. They talk to Damira, and she vetoes the idea, as they can't transfer goods that might be contaminated with the wood worms to the other wagons; they'll need to check all the goods on the wagon. Removing the items from the wagon is back-breaking work [Jaina suffers 4 FT, Taran takes 2 FT], and then they re-load the wagon, Sarah promising Damira that she'll get the wagon to Regar's Keep come hell or high water.

Two days later, Jaina discovers that she's finally healed and recovered her voice (this is the reason that she was unable to perform any magic over the last several days). As the caravan continues on to Regar's Keep, finally approaching human habitation once more, Jaina spots a dust cloud that Taran tells her appears to be a troop of Carzalan militia. They don't hear the conversation between the Carzalan soldiers' leader and Master Koreth, but both welcome the announcement passed on after the soldiers have left that Regar's Keep is a mere two hours distant.

Sunday afternoon's game session of the DragonQuest RPG campaign started off well, and was going nicely, but then turned into an annoying, frustrating session that seriously bothered me by the end of it all. It all came down to the fact that spross didn't tell Tammy's character or the NPC about his wounds, didn't *play* the wounds, and didn't clean himself up - and fell prey to a creature of the wilderness, when he decided to attack it rather than escape and live (given how badly he was wounded). Just really s****d, bad (role)playing. And it wasn't even meant to be a combat encounter! Now he's got to create a new character for the game, and introduce it in play. Otherwise, the game session went relatively well, and the caravan reached its destination, Regar's Keep.

While I'm glad the scenario came to a conclusion, I will now have to create a new player character with spross and that character will have to be introduced to the mix. I'm not sure whether we're gaming next Sunday or not, as I need a weekend to do some work on the characters for the CanGames 2016, but I think I'm looking forward to the next game session (once I've fully calmed down from the *censored!!* of yesterday's game session).
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