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This, That, and the Other

This morning was my time for blood tests again. Went this morning for my three-month set of blood work, for the diabetes condition. The line to get in to the clinic was a bit longer than I remember, and so the process took a bit more time than I would have liked. Only eight vials of blood were taken from my arm today, and the lab technician was one of my favourites, and she always does a good job. I should have the blood work results in the mail by the end of the week; hopefully, things will be good.

After leaving the medical lab, I went to Denny's for breakfast. I had a couple of scrambled eggs with vegetables, two pancakes with sugar-free syrup, and managed a piece and a half of whole wheat toast, all washed down with a cup of decaf coffee. Breakfast was good, and satisfying, but... I really dislike going and eating in restaurants on my own. Even Denny's. I miss the comradeship and the friendly banter when one eats out with the friends and all, and 'tis a shame that I do this on my own every three months or so.

Had to dash out of Denny's after breakfast, and went over to the doctor's office. He was behind on his patients, so my 9:30 am appointment wasn't until around 10:05 am. I had an appointment there to check out how I'm doing with my recovery from the bug I caught in Indianapolis. The cough is still there, and will likely persist for another month or so, but the doctor felt that I'm coming along as well as can be expected.

Stopped off on the way home for some vegetables and the like for tonight's supper, and snacks for the next few days. Just came home, and will wash up and clean up a bit. After that, a bit of time playing around with the new Dell laptop (yes, I finally got around to opening the boxes and all, and seeing what I've got). Or perhaps I'll just take a little nap, as I am somewhat knackered today.
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