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Sick Is Me

It has been a horrible week for me.

I've been feeling ill and run down for a good month or so now, but this past week and a bit, I've been very sick and this culminated last week with a trip to the doctor (and a period of time on Zithromax, which did no good) and then four days (so far) this week that I've not been to work (though I've tried to do so from home a couple of times). I went back to the doctor yesterday, and he gave me a new prescription (this time for Biaxin), as I've got a very bad chest infection or some such.

I've been pretty dysfunctional most of the week, to be honest, and have felt pretty loopy at times (though I've not been running more than a low level fever), and the coughing has been so bad at times that I'm hurting in the abdominal regions. Makes it more difficult to take my insulin shots.

Today's the first day I actually felt that I want to sit at the computer for an extended period of time, but I'll be relatively off-line again as too much starting at these infernal devices make my head hurt badly!

I do have some stuff that I plan to post today related to CanGames, so expect that when you see it. :)

Anyway, back to a bit of work, and then some tea.
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