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Laptops, Phones, and Internet (Shit), Oh, My!

Have I ever mentioned the fact that I seriously *hate* having to deal with computer technology and the like? Probably not. Add to that the fact that I am...a computer illiterate (when it relates to technology at any rate, I am ashamed to admit), and well...serves me right. However, in light of the **censored**!! that has gone on today with the new Dell laptop, please remind me to shoot myself with a bullet to the head, after giving one to the computer in question first, if I ever get talked into this crap again!!

I have wasted the entire day trying to get the DSL phone line and/or wireless connection set up, and then had problems with the Dell laptop with other functions (notably the bloody keyboard!, where half the key functions appear to have been scrambled, and the other half don't work!). The Bell problem is something to do with the phone lines, although first they said it was the Ubuntu setup on on the laptop, then it was the modem stuff that they sent me, and finally decided it is a problem with the phone lines - and will now get back to me "within the next 50 hours". Dammit!! (As for the problem with the laptop keyboard functions, I believe that I have now cleared that up...I hope.

(And for the record, Dell actually only supports Windows technology, regardless of their claims about supporting any version of Linux they install on their computers when they sell them to you. And we won't get into Bell Sympatico here, but if I 8EVER, EVER, EVER* work with Bell Sympatico's people on setting up an internet connection again, please just shoot me!)1

So, what does this mean for my day? No grocery shopping got done, no laundry got done, no bloody taking care of my health, no vacuuming, no work done for tomorrow's game, no blogging about yesterday night's game or continuing the GenCon report, no nothing...and I'm about to go upstairs and make supper knowing that I still don't have the high-speed (hah!) connection to the internet set up for the laptop. Blechh!!

What a lousy day! :(

1 No, there are no links to these two companies in this post because I am so freaking pissed off and angry right now!!
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