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All the Work is Done for CanGames Adventures!

Yesterday, I managed to finish the work that I had to do to get ready for this year's edition of CanGames, to be held May 20th-23rd at the Rideau Curling Club as usual.

I'll be running four game sessions at the convention this year, one session of the Primeval RPG on Friday night, a session of the DragonQuest RPG on Saturday afternoon and another one on Sunday afternoon, and a session of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG on Saturday night.

While the writing of the three adventures for the convention were all finished during late October or early November of 2015, creating the player characters took me somewhat longer, marred by a bit of procrastination and some illness in both March and April. Six characters for the Primeval adventure, "The Devil and Mr. Sutton", six characters (one provisional) for the Chill 3rd Edition adventure, "The Beast of Bytown", and six characters for the DragonQuest adventure, "Herbquest". (Now I just hope the folks playing the games can read my handwriting, except for the Primeval adventure, where everything is typed up!) :)

Other than doing the photocopying of the player character sheets and handouts for the games, the work on stuff for CanGames is now done, and I can rest, relax, and just enjoy some regular campaign gaming over the next few weeks before the convention. Might do a bit of scenario writing for some stuff that I've got ideas for, and see where that takes me.

But the best point in all of this is that the work is done! Huzzah!. ::pat self on back::
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