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Book Reads in April, 2016

It's another month, and relatively early in the month. Thus, as is my standard usage of my blog space at or near the beginning of the month, I present the listing of my April, 2016 reads.

Books Read in April, 2016

The Door Into Fire by Diane Duane (r)

Polaris Roleplaying Game Quickstart Guide and Adventure by Philippe Tessier, Raphael Bombayl, Francois Menneteau & David Burckle (PDF) (RPG)

And Again by Jessica Chiarella

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds

Teen Titans Annual 2012 #1 - Legion of Super-Heroes v6 #23 (Comics) (r)

Ghosts by Gaslight edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers

S.P.Q.R. V: Saturnalia by John Maddox Roberts

Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days by Alastair Reynolds

House of Lost Worlds by Richard Conniff

April, 2016 Reader's Digest

Blueheart by Alison Sinclair (r)

The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross

Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds

S.P.Q.R. VI: Nobody Loves a Centurion by John Maddox Roberts

The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds

April, 2016 Locus

And that's how my reading for 2016 continued in the fourth month of the year. Truthfully, I was a bit surprised how much reading I got done in April, but for a chunk of the month I was pretty ill and had a lot of time to read, and I was rather pleased at the variety of the reading that I did during the month. It also reminded me that when I don't read a lot of roleplaying game stuff, I do actually read quite a few other books during the course of the month. :) Yes, there's a lot of Alastair Reynolds books in the month, but I needed to make a dent in that queue of books. My favourite books for the month were The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, a witty book that is well written and had some fascinating subject matter; S.P.Q.R. V: Saturnalia by John Maddox Roberts, which kept his Roman investigator occupied, and had some wonderful material about Roman witches and their deeds; House of Lost Worlds by Richard Conniff, a fascinating work that tells the story of how one museum changed ideas about dinosaurs, dynasties, and even the story of life on earth; and The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross, in which the authors explores vampires in the context of his Laundry Files series, and Bob Howard's life takes a turn for the worse. Good books, and recommended all of them. Overall, I managed to read 13 novels, 1 RPG and RPG products, 2 magazines, 30 comics, and 0 graphic novels in March. This brings the year total in 2016 to a set of numbers that look like this: 41 books, 5 RPGs and RPG products, 9 magazines, 140 comics, and 0 graphic novels.

Anyway, thoughts and comments are always welcome. :)
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