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Weekend Synopsis

Just got into the office for work, and have a bit of time to update the journal before the day's work begins. Besides, it's Monday, so things will be a bit slower for the morning anyway.

The weekend was pretty uneventful for the most part. I did all the mundane things that have to be done - you know, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning a bit in the house, that sort of thing - and I still managed to get some reading in and some work done on the two PBeMs that I'm going to run.

Friday night, the gaming group showed up (minus Stef, who's still in Calgary), and they started the Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium game, or rather re-started the game, since they have their notes and I have my notes on what was going on. The game is set in the city of Ottawa, and uses the same setting that I am going to use for the "Dreams of Feathers and Ice" PBeM game. The session started on a high note, in a nightclub that two of the characters frequent, and proceeded with some unusual occurrences and a couple of run-ins with some gentleman who were anything but. The session ended with the player characters finding some interesting, oblong blocks of seeming gold in a warehouse. I'm enjoying the game, and the others seem to be having a good time of it as well.

Watched some English football Saturday (Arsenal lost, dammit!), and did the housechores and some laundry as well. spross dropped by in the afternoon, and gave me a hand sorting some of the sf and fantasy books I have, and we took some of the stuff to the local library. I have to get rid of some of the books I don't need anymore, since the library is getting a bit...overwhelming... as SteveR can attest. After SteveR left, finished some more chores around the house, had supper with my mom, and did some work on the PBeM and caught up with my friend from California, Marlyn Bumpus, by phone.

Sunday, the second gaming group came by to play. This was the first time in a month that the Sunday group played, due to vacations, weekend work commitments, and other stuff. They decided to switch to Deliria as well (I had thought they would play a|state possibly), and began character generation. It's going to take two sessions to create the characters, the first to do the backgrounds and history, the second to cover the game numbers and mechanics, so Sunday was background. Andrew has his character basics done in this regard, and Steve and Tammy had to create their characters, so we started with the basics. Things went very well in that regard. I should get the final background/history materials from them for their characters in a couple of weeks (we don't game this coming Sunday, 'cause it's Labour Day weekend (iirc), and then they'll go on to the numbers.

After the gaming group left, I made a couple of hamburgers for supper, watched a bit of tv in the early evening, and then did some reading and a bit more work on the stuff that I needed to get ready for Friday night's session. Went to bed, and read a bit more.

Tomorrow promises to be a terrible day, since I've got to get the bloodwork done before my appointment at the Ottawa Diabetes Clinic here the second week of September. (Gotta have the bloodwork done two weeks before the appointment.) This means fasting overnight, and being starving hungry before I can get to work. I tend to be bad-tempered when I'm hungry, so...

Also need to make time today to get a haircut, and got a couple of birthday cards to pick up. Never enough time to get things done, it seems. Oh, well, life's like that. :)

First paperwork of the day just got deposited on my desk, so time to get back to stuff.
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