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Gaming Thoughts of a Friday Morning

It's Friday morning. Almost the start of the weekend.

The weather is quite pleasant this morning, and when I get home from work I plan to take a walk or two (if my feet can handle it). Yes, the feet are absolutely killing me today after yesterday's footcare appointment, but I expected this.

Gaming-wise, I'll be hosting the Friday gaming group tonight for the first time in... well, it feels like ages. They've decided that they want to take a shot at the Chill 3rd Edition adventure that I'll be running at CanGames this year. I'm looking forward to this evening's session quite a bit.

Speaking of CanGames... It's also two weeks to the start of CanGames 2016 here in Ottawa. I'm really looking forward to the gaming convention, to be honest, with one exception (that I won't get into here), and am looking forward to running the games of Chill 3rd Edition, DragonQuest, and Primeval at the convention. Everything is ready for the convention, except for the photocopies of the gaming stuff for the players that I'll need, but otherwise, everything is set. Just hoping to heck that I get some players for the various games. Well, actually, I'd like full tables of players!

Anyway, hope to see some of my LJ and Twitter (and other) friends at the convention, of course. :)
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