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Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday morning.

It's a beautiful day outside today, though promising to be a bit more cloudy than yesterday, and I've already managed to take a short, 15-minute walk this a.m.. My feet are still killing me from footcare on Thursday, but I know I need the exercise, so I've gotten it. My head's also a bit fuzzy this morning, and I'm not sure why. Allergies, perhaps?

Last night's game session with the Friday night group was a lot of fun, if for no other reason than we got together to game for the first time in several weeks for various reasons (the least of which has been health). They play(test)ed "The Beast of Bytown", the Chill 3rd Edition case that I'll be running at CanGames in two weeks, and it went really well. I'll be writing a blog entry on this either later today or tomorrow, but won't be saying too much about the scenario itself for obvious reasons.

I need to get some grocery shopping done this morning, and then plan to do the photocopying of stuff that I need for the players at CanGames this afternoon when I see spross.

That and try to make some headway in sorting out the gaming stuff in the den.
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