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Tuesday Morning Thoughts

It's Tuesday morning.

Had a decent night's sleep, but nothing special. Didn't toss and turn as far as I know, which makes for a nice change.

I got in to work around 6:45 am, and the office was nice and quiet. Managed to have a cup of herbal tea, and chatted with Donna while waiting for 7:00 am to roll around. Work has gotten busy this morning, so not a lot of time to do other things, I suspect. But that's why I don't make the big bucks, right? :)

I plan to get a haircut this afternoon on the way home from work, so am looking forward to that. The nape of my neck itches where the hair is longer, and it's annoying when it comes to wearing business shirts. That, and it'll take off a bit of weight. :)
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