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Wednesday Night's Session of Primeval, CanGames Playtest

Home from work for about 45 minutes. Long, tiring day at work.

As mentioned in the blog entry yesterday, the Wednesday night gamers decided to play last night, and wanted to play the Primeval RPG scenario, "The Devil and Mr. Sutton", that I will be running at CanGames 2016 next weekend. So that is what we did.

The players arrived at my place around 6:45 pm, and after chatting for a few minutes and giving Crystal (who has never played the game before) a bit of an intro to what Primeval is about, we sat down and set up for the evening's play. For Crystal's benefit (and because Donna, David, and Kendall haven't played the game in a while), I started off with the basics of the Primeval game and explained how the game mechanics worked. The players asked some questions for clarification, and Crystal was caught up in the infectious enthusiasm that the others had for the game ("Dinosaurs, baby!"). The players decided that even though there were four of them, they would play all six characters for the scenario, splitting "duties" on the two that they didn't claim as their own characters. I gave the players five minutes to go over their characters, and answered any questions they had, and then we started in on "The Devil and Mr. Sutton".

Since I'm going to be running this adventure at CanGames next week, I'm not going to discuss the plot at all or the player characters per sé. Wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone reading this blog who intends to play in the game at the convention! :) I will say that all four players had a terrific time, and Donna and David both loved the adventure, and felt that the player characters for the scenario made for an interesting experience. My favourite line of the night was, "I'm a cameraman, for God's sake, how am I supposed to deal with that...that...thing? Take it's picture??!!". Crystal had an absolute blast, and loved the game system, especially the Story Point mechanics, and to put it bluntly she didn't let her character's go to waste!

Overall the adventure went really well, and the players had a good time of it. I was able to finish the adventure with about 10 minutes to spare before 10:00 pm (the time limit for the Wednesday night game), so had to cut a pair of scenes from the scenario. I won't have that problem with the full 4 hours of time for running the game at the convention. The players did offer a bit of advice on a couple of situations that I scribbled notes about, so that should help run the game at the convention.

So, a very entertaining, successful game session of the Primeval game, and a good playtest of "The Devil and Mr. Sutton". Looking forward to running this adventure at the convention, to be sure.
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