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Retroactive Blog Entries

While I've been off-line for about a week, other than some scheduled blog entries that I wrote earlier), I've still be writing blog entries for myself and these cover the weekend of the 14th and the period leading up to CanGames this past weekend.

I'll be posting up these blog entries retroactively, posting them to the dates they would have appeared, so I hope folks will bear with me. Below I'll be providing a list of these entries and links to them, so folks can read them as they desire. These entries will not be linked to Twitter, so you'll need to check out this blog entry. So expect this entry to be updated several times.

Computer Problems

Board Gaming with the Friday Night Group

Still No Computer

Monday Morning Thoughts

A Sunday Afternoon of Britannia

Computer Problems II

New Chill RPG Scenario Available

Polaris RPG Pledge Manager Up

Computer Problems III

Dice to Go

Fossils Tell a Painful History

CanGames Begins Tomorrow

Packing for Friday's Session at CanGames

On This Day...

CanGames 2016 Begins Today

Heading Out to CanGames

Io Sono Venuto, Ho Gamed, Io Sopravvissuti A

Happy Victoria Day!

'Twas the Day After CanGames
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