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Monday Morning Thoughts

Well, it's Monday morning. The long, Victoria Day weekend is ahead (though I'll be working Friday morning, as I couldn't get it off because of some of the sick leave I've already taken), and CanGames 2016 is starting in four days (eeek!!). I'll blog more about that in a separate post today, but it's not likely that it will be seen before the convention.

I did not sleep all that well last night, tossing and turning and having some of the nightmares that I've started having the last couple of months. (They pertain to my health, specifically my feet, and are quite gruesome, so I'm not going into any details here.) Felt somewhat groggy this morning when I woke up, but managed to get myself together and head out to work.

Work this morning has been somewhat busy, and I've not had a lot of time to think (which is probably a good thing.) Because of a new policy that's in place here at work, due to some hacking of the servers here, we're no longer allowed to use the work machines for anything personal or to go on-line other than for business-related stuff. So without the computer at home now (see previous entries for more on this), I'm cut off from the internet for the moment. Boo, hiss!

On the other hand, I've already managed to finish reading a book during this enforced hiatus from the internet at home, so there is an upside to all of this. Additionally, since I'm not spending (too much) time on the computer at home, my headaches have all but disappeared, so perhaps there is a good side to all of this.

In the meantime, back to work. And a cup of hot chai tea.
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