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Computer Problems III

It's Wednesday, the middle of the week. Hump Day, as a lot of folks call it.

Work has been going well this week, though there's been some griping among my fellow employees about the new policy regarding internet use. That said, it's been a productive week, and while I won't be able to take Friday off work, I will be able to only have to put in around three hours on Friday morning.

In other news, I got my Dell laptop back from the computer shoppe. They called yesterday morning to let me know what's going on (the call was on my mobile phone). There's nothing wrong with the network card and all, and the rest of the motherboard checks out. The problem appears to be the corruption of the network and wireless software on the laptop (possibly due to the latest update on such?), so I know what I have to do.

While I'm prepping and sorting the materials out for CanGames, I'll spend some time today and tomorrow finishing backing up all the stuff that I want to keep file-wise, but I won't do the re-installation of Ubuntu on the machine until after the convention is over, as to put it bluntly, I find the process of OS installation stressful, and I'm trying to keep as calm as I can before the long weekend.

And on that subject, there's just two days to go until CanGames 2016. Hope folks are looking forward to the convention this weekend, and I hope to see some of you there - hopefully playing in one of the games I'll be running! :)
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