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New Chill RPG Scenario Available

Heard from spross today that Matthew McFarland of Growling Door Games posted an Update on the SAVE Sourcebook Kickstarter page that there's another of the new adventures for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG available as of today. The adventure is called "Sunshine in Maine", and it sounds like it's a really solid, neat little scenario for the game.

I can't, of course, go on-line to get the adventure and all, but spross has downloaded it. He read me the introductory blurb, and it sounds really cool.

It's a shame that a) I don't have a functional computer at home and b) the scenario didn't come out a bit earlier, otherwise I might have been tempted to run the adventure at CanGames 2016 this weekend.

Still, it's good to have another adventure roll off the printing press for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG... hehe
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