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Io Sono Venuto, Ho Gamed, Io Sopravvissuti A

I have returned home.

I came, I gamed, I survived. (Relatively well, I might add.)

I've just come home from CanGames 2016 (well, about fifteen minutes ago), and have come through the convention relatively well. There were some ups and downs and one major problem, but the convention was pretty good fun. I will be posting up three or four journal entries during the next week or so about the convention, but for now I'm just glad CanGames is over for this year, 2016.

Got back to the house around 10:25 pm or so, but have not unpacked any of the gaming stuff and am about to go lie down before tonight's insulin injection, and then get some sleep. My legs and feet are bothering me quite badly, my left ankle and foot are quite swollen and sore, hurting actually, and I'm just plain tired.

Good night, all.
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