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Sixcess for the Weekend (Gaming, That is)

This week's gaming with the Friday night and Sunday afternoon game groups promises to be interesting.

I wasn't sure how I would be feeling after the CanGames 2016 weekend, but I realised earlier in the week that I wanted to game this weekend. The plan was to do some roleplaying, though I wasn't sure which game I'd be running. That said, I realised a couple of days ago that I'm not ready to start up the Primeval RPG campaigns just yet, and thought this weekend would be a good time to test out a game system.

Since I'm excited to see the new version of the Promised Sands when it comes out (hopefully sooner rather than later), I thought I'd get the players to create characters using the basic Sixcess Core RPG this weekend. I spoke to the players from both groups, and they've agreed to do so. And so this is what we'll be doing tonight and on Sunday.
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