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Friday Night Game Report - Sixcess Core/Promised Sands Character Creation

Last night, the regular gaming group met up for gaming purposes as is their wont on Friday evenings, and we did some character creation. The players are intrigue by the revised Promised Sands RPG that will come out (hopefully soon) from Harsh Realities, and wanted to experience this. While Kathy was familiar with the game, the Friday gamers of that time having played the game back in 2003 with the original edition published by BBrack Productions, she and the gamers back then hated the character creation system, but loved the game world (the mechanics were just all right). Since Harsh Realities is publishing a new version of the game using their Sixcess Core RPG game, she and the other players wanted to create characters for the new rules system, and to see what it was like. So I was quite looking forward to the game session, and bringing the newbies into the game while seeing what Kathy had in mind for a character.

The players all showed up by around 7:05 pm, and we sat around and chatted for a bit, catching up on the events of the weeks past, and then got down to business. The basic briefing I gave the players about the Promised Sands game is that this is a post-apocalyptic fantasy (with elements of science fiction) roleplaying game set in a primarily desert environment. I started off going through some of the basics of the game system mechanics, and talked about the game world of T'nah in general (using the original game as a reference), and then explained to the characters a bit more about the Sixcess system and its character generation system. Kathy said that it sounded like a much easier system than the one the original game had, and I reassured the players that the math for the game system was relatively simple, and that it would be all done before they started to play their characters once we actually started a real Promised Sands campaign (if they decided they wanted to play one). The players threw a modest batch of questions at me about various aspects of the character sheet stuff (I showed them a copy of the Sixcess Core character sheet), the game mechanics, and a few other details about the game world they were curious about (though I couldn't answer those in terms of the current system), and I did my best with those. Character generation in Sixcess Core is relatively simple, but does take a bit of time the first few times out, and the players were quite jazzed to do their characters up, and so that is what we did.

All I have to say here is that the evening was an interesting one, with the players having a good time with character creation, hashing out quite a few issues surrounding their characters and the relationships they wanted to start with. A good mix of characters, to be sure.

Kathy - The "veteran" of the gaming group when it comes to Promised Sands, Kathy knew exactly what she wanted to play. She created Derona Kris, a scavenger of ruins, with good survival skills.

Angela - Angela didn't know what she wanted to take at first, but settled on Trykasa Myrrn, a mercenary and traveller who has teamed up with Kathy's Derona to "loot the world, and make a profit". Fun stuff.

DavidM - DavidM didn't really have to think too much about what he wanted to play. He liked the idea of exploring ruins, but didn't want to play a human. When we talked about the various races from the old game, he settled on Astok Helmmas, a Numid (no, I'm not going to explain what they are here, go to the Comments if you want to know more!) scholar with an interest in ancient ruins from before the Catastrophe.

Ellie - My goddaughter wasn't sure about this game and the game system, but she warmed up to it as we went along. She wanted to play a magic-oriented character and created Merias Limnol, a Syl (sort of like elves) character with a knowledge of "magic" and a protectiveness of trees and forests.

Mark - Mark decided right away that he wanted to play a combat oriented character. He created Pareyk Jasspon, a human Granger (farmer) turned soldier after his family had been slaughtered by water raiders.

The game session went for a period of about 5 hours last night (and I thought I was going to lose my voice), but we all had a lot of fun. I was pretty pleased overall with the player characters that the Friday night gamers came up with for the Sixcess Core/Promised Sands RPG, and there was some interesting discussion among the players about their relationships and how they were all going to fit together. That said, there's no guarantee that when Promised Sands comes out the players will play these characters, since the character generation rules may be somewhat modified or different, but we'll see. Kathy told me that the system was much easier to handle character creation with, but that it's very Lifepath like in some ways.

All in all, it was a good night of character creation. And I'm looking forward to starting the Friday night Promised Sands game campaign...sometime.
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