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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Sixcess Core/Promised Sands Character Creation

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group came out for their usual session in the afternoon, and we did some character creation. The Sunday players had agreed during the week that they would create characters for the Promised Sands 2nd Edition RPG that will come out (hopefully soon) from Harsh Realities, using their Sixcess Core RPG system. None of my Sunday players are familiar with the game system, so that was going to present a challenge in itself. So I was quite looking forward to the game session, and seeing how the players would take to the game system and the world of Promised Sands.

spross and Tammy arrived at my place just before 1:00 pm, and after we chatted for a bit and caught up on the last work week or so, we then got down to business. As I told the players, basically Promised Sands 2nd Edition is a post-apocalyptic fantasy (with elements of science fiction) roleplaying game set in a primarily desert environment. I went through some of the basics of the game mechanics, talked about the game world of T'nah in general (using the original game as a reference), and then explained to the players a bit more about the Sixcess system and its character generation system. The players threw a few questions at me about various aspects of the character sheet stuff (I showed them a copy of the Sixcess Core character sheet), the game mechanics, and a few other details about the game world they were curious about (though I couldn't answer those in terms of the current system), but I did my best. Character generation in Sixcess Core is relatively simple, but does take a bit of time the first few times out, and the two players were ready to get down to the basics. So that is what we did.

All I have to say here is that the afternoon was interesting, to say the least, and the players seemed to have a good time with character creation. Tammy created two player characters to spross's one (as per usual), and it was an enjoyable afternoon. Neither Tammy nor SteveR gave their characters names. A good mix of characters, to be sure.

spross - SteveR hemmed and hawed a bit, but in the end settled on a mercenary character. He took a set of Flaws for the character, balanced out with Edges, that seemed a bit mundane, but perhaps that's because the game didn't have the Promised Sands flavour to it yet.

Tammy1 - For her first character, Tammy created a female Maroc, one of the magic-using folks found on T'nah, and gave her an interesting Edge or two and some combat skill.

Tammy2 - The second character Tammy created was a male blacksmith, with a good physical side to him, but not overly bright. More practical than knowledgeable (other than where his profession was concerned).

After we finished character generation, I explained the game mechanics in full, and then ran a couple of sample combat examples that proved to be interesting, and showed my inexperience with the game system.

The game session went for about 4-1/2 hours yesterday afternoon, but we all had a lot of fun. (I hope.) I was pretty pleased overall with the player characters that the Friday night gamers came up with for the Sixcess Core/Promised Sands 2nd Edition RPG. There's no guarantee that when Promised Sands comes out the players will play these characters, since the character generation rules may be somewhat modified or different, but we'll see.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to starting the Sunday afternoon <a href="<i>Promised Sands</i> game campaign...sometime.
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