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Last night, the Wednesday night gaming group got together for it's usual(ly) bi-weekly game sessions, and we did some character creation. Donna had spoken to the other three players, and they'd all decided that they didn't want to be left out of the Sixcess Core character generation sessions that the other two groups have done, as they were also intrigued by the Promised Sands game setting (especially since Donna had seen me reading the original version of the game at work for most of the month of May during my breaks!). So I was quite looking forward to the game session, and bringing this set of newbies into the game system and seeing what type of character Donna had in mind! :)

The players all showed up by around 7:00 pm, and we sat around and chatted for a bit, catching up on the events of the weeks past (since I hadn't seen them in some time), and then got down to business. The basic briefing I gave the players about the Promised Sands game intrigued the players quite a bit, but they wanted to see what the Sixcess Core game system was capable of doing in terms of a variety of characters. So the players each picked their favourite genre of gaming or literature, and created characters appropriate to the genre in question. As I had done with the other two gaming groups, I started off going through some of the basics of the game system mechanics for the Sixcess Core system, and then got into the character generation mechanics. The players threw a modest set of questions at me about various aspects of the character sheet stuff (I showed them a copy of the Sixcess Core character sheet), the game mechanics, and a few other details about the system, and I did my best with those. (Practice makes perfect, huh?) :) As I've mentioned before, character generation in Sixcess Core is relatively simple, but does take a bit of time the first few times out, but the players were quite ready, willing, and able to do their characters up, and so that is what we did.

I will say that the evening was definitely an interesting, and fun, time of it, with the players having a good time with character creation, and working out a few things among themselves about some of the various issues and elements of the different characters they created. Interesting genres, and interesting mix of characters to be sure.

Donna - She thinks of herself as the veteran of the Wednesday gaming group, and did a really nice job of it, settling on a Wild West motif. She created Emmylou Hazel Winthorpe, a young woman from a rich family exiled to a "one horse town", and working in the local saloon. Oh, she's also got a bit of survival stuff, and is pretty handy with a rifle. :)

DavidW - David's favourite genre by far is historical, and he loves the Roman Empire (something he and I share in common). David created Marcus Julius Armentus, the son of a wine merchant whose gambling debts have put the entire family, not to mention his own political amibitions, in danger.

Kendall - Kendall's tastes vary quite a bit, but she didn't want to do a romantic setting, so settled instead on something Victorian. She created Wilhelmina Whiteheart, the marriage eligible daughter of Sir Gregory Whiteheart, killed in one of the British wars, whose father taught her the social niceties as well as taking her on some big game hunts. And just for added flair, she's an occultist.

Crystal - Lately, she's been reading some of my old Isaac Asimov and some of the newer Alastair Reynolds science fiction works, and decided to create a hard science fiction genre character. Hayley Georgeson is a pilot for an intergalactic trading company with her own ship, the Mersey Fine, and a good knowledge of alien species in the Founding Fathers sector of space. Interesting character, and she's also good with a laser.

The game session went for a period of about 3-1/2 hours, and the players and I had all had a fun time creating the characters for the genres they wanted. I was pretty pleased overall with the player characters that the Wednesday night gamers came up with for the Sixcess Core RPG, and there was some interesting discussion after we were done about the game system and its mechanics, but they all agreed that it's a really good, simple-to-learn, flexible game system.

All in all, it was a good night of character creation. Look forward to running the game system and the two settings that I'm interested in sometime in the future (hopefully sooner rather than later).


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