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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Getting ready for gaming with the Friday night gaming group tonight.

Got home from work and took care of some stuff around the house, then took a nap for about 35 minutes or so. Felt somewhat refreshed from the nap, thank Goddess, and then did a bit of work for tonight's game to get ready.

The Friday nighters will be getting back in to their Primeval RPG campaign this evening. I haven't played the game with the Friday nighters since December, 2014, and that was the Christmas special scenario that I ran for the group, the last session of the campaign being played in August, 2013, so it's been almost three (!!) years since I ran the game last. Eek! Regardless, I'm looking forward to the game tonight.

In the meantime, I need to make some supper. I think some spaghetti and meat sauce tonight, with a salad, will do me fine.

Have a good evening, folks.
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