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Wednesday Morning Stuff

It's Wednesday morning. The middle of the work week. (And no, I'm not going to use the "H" word!)

It's shaping up to be a busy work day here, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Keeps my mind off other things.

The only good news this week is that I had the appointment with the doctor on Monday, and I forgot to blog about it. The appointment was all right, and I learned that I've shed 8 pounds in the past three months or so. This is good news. After looking at my feet, the doctor suggested once more that I start taking Lyrica or the other version of it (Gabapentin, I think it's called) for the leg and ankle nerve pain, and he gave me a couple of samples of the lowest dose of the meds in question.

So I am, starting today. We'll see how I feel, but I'm hoping for no side effects and the like.

In the meantime, this evening Crystal will be coming over to my place and we're going to create her character for the Primeval RPG, since this is the week that the Wednesday night group takes off. I'm looking forward to this. :)
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